P&I 2011: Hwang Mi Hee in Silver

With her victory in the SMS 2011 poll Hwang Mi Hee continues her dominance of Korean Model polls (With her only defeat coming to a model who is now retired). To keep that domination going HMH looks super sexy at P&I 2011  . I do wish she wasn’t wearing the black cut off top under the silver handkerchief top, since it would show more skin and add to the sexyness, but the black lace top isn’t bad (the solid one is the one I don’t like as much). There are also two videos at the end of the post, HMH is dancing in both of them (the videos are different angles of the same dance… the song is T-ara’s Why are you being like this). HMH doesn’t show up in the first vid till 4 minutes in and in the 2nd she is blocked by other girls at some points. Anyways enjoy~


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